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Visualisation and visual facilitation is a (new) method to make content and process visible in realtime. Be it in presentations, workshops, coaching sessions, trainings and meetings – whenever people engage in dialogue, are working together and want to learn from each other in an impactful way. Bikablo is our brand that opens the door to the world of visual thinking and dialogue.

In our trainings we introduce you to basic and advanced skills, tools and methodologies for meaningful visualisation. Whether as a trainer, coach, facilitator, consultant or (project) manager, you will start out working on techniques, visual ingredients and methods, together with other participants in a small group. Irrespective of your artistic talent, you will learn visual language that you can use for notes in small formats as well as for flip charts and pin boards. Our goal: For you to have fun and learn what you need to get going the next day!

Training sessions by bikablo akademie

Basic Training

Partnering up with great local hosts, bikablo akademie proudly offers two-day basic training opportunities in Europe:

  • Harmelen near Amsterdam, February 15–16 with bikablo trainers Desirée van Dijk (in dutch)
    hosted by Neuland Netherlands
  • London, March 26–27 with bikablo trainers Andrea Rawanschad and Stefan Böker
    hosted by Actineo Consulting LLP
  • Dublin, April 24–25 with bikablo trainers Michaela Ruhfus and Heidrun Künzel
    hosted by WorkVisible Ltd
  • Glasgow, July 10–11 with bikablo trainers Michaela Ruhfus and Ramona Wultschner
    hosted by WorkVisible Ltd (please ask our host Andy de Vale for registration details)

Learn more about our two-day basic training

Advanced Training

Requested by so many alumni from our basic training sessions, we decided to run advanced classes in London and Cologne:

Training Sessions by global trainer teams

Spain, Canada and Japan

Training sessions are just about to be scheduled.
Ask Frank Wesseler in order to be the first one to learn about new dates!


Host: CONTUR bikablo trainer team, Shanghai

Language: Chinese

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 10 in Shanghai, Hongkou District (Trainer: Eva Zhao)
  • April 21-22 in Shanghai, Hongkou District (Trainer: Eva Zhao and Xiaoli He)

Info and registration: please email to Xiaoli He



Trainer: Jaya Machet, bikablo certified global trainer

Host: All Lined Up

Language: English

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 6 in Singapore, 100 Victoria Street, National Library Building

Info and registration

Belgium, France & francophone Switzerland

Trainer: Charles-Louis de Maere, bikablo certified global trainer

Host: Pyxis

Language: English, French or Dutch (see below)

Upcoming Dates: 

  • March 12–13, 2018, in Brussels (in English)
  • April 23–24, 2018, in Geneva (in French)
  • May 22–23, 2018, in Paris (in French)
  • June 11–12, 2018, in Brussels (in French)
  • September 17–18, 2018, in Brussels (in English)
  • November 12–13, 2018, in Geneva (in French)
  • December 17–18, 2018, in Paris (in French)

Info and registration

Australia and New Zealand

Trainer: Marcel van Hove, Martin Ruckert and John Hibble, bikablo certified global trainer

Host: visualfriends.com

Language: English

Upcoming Dates:

  • February 01-02 in Perth (Trainer: Marcel van Hove)
  • February 06-07 in Hobart (Trainer: Marcel van Hove)
  • February 08-09 in Melbourne (Trainer: Marcel van Hove)
  • February 12-13 in Sydney (Trainer: Marcel van Hove)
  • February 15-16 in Brisbane (Trainer: Marcel van Hove)
  • February 20-21 in Auckland (Trainer: Marcel van Hove)
  • March 08-09 in Sydney (Trainer: Martin Ruckert)
  • March 15-16 in Melbourne (Trainer: John Hibble)
  • April 19-20 in Melbourne (Trainer: John Hibble)

Info and registration: please check visualfriends.com

How can I use visual facilitation?

Our experience, backed up by educational science, shows that people work together more effectively when they can follow their own process in graphics and are able to visually see the connections between issues. Visual facilitation means participative learning, exploration, and dialogue. Whoever works with visual facilitation values contributions from the group, promotes better understanding, and will achieve emotional, deeply relevant and sustainable results. The bikablo akademie will guide you on your journey towards becoming a visualiser/visual facilitator and provide a broad range of training offers to further enhance your practice.

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The bikablo technique: Learn to visualise without previous drawing skills

During more than 10 years of practical experience we have developed a universally applicable visual ­language that anyone can learn: The bikablo technique. Artistic talent is definitely not a prerequisite! There is a range of products based on the bikablo brand which we develop in cooperation with our partner Neuland.

The basic idea behind the bikablo technique: Visualisation (by contrast to the fine arts) is an everyday language consisting of vocabulary and grammar, which can be learnt like any other language. You learn how to express yourself visually via writing, symbols, figures, and graphics – and to use this visual technique in your everyday work.

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The bikablo brand

The bikablo akademie is a training company based in Cologne, Germany, and pioneers the development of visual thinking and visual facilitation. In the last decade we have trained thousands of people to enrich their work and life with visualisation. Today, we work with an international trainer team to spread our knowledge worldwide.

bikablo Visual dictionaries and materials: Our publications on visualisation are are bilingual in English and German. They are distributed exclusively by our partner Neuland, a manufacturer of quality facilitation equipment. You can purchase them in the Neuland webshop, and they are shipped internationally. Learn more

Why is bikablo called bikablo? Bikablo is short for Bilder-Karten-Block (German for „picture card pad“) which was the name of our first visual dictionary. Today, it’s a brand and a registered trademark.

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Our international training program

  • bikablo inhouse training in English, French, Dutch, Spanish or Italian conducted by the bikablo akademie trainer team
  • Open training sessions in Cologne, Germany conducted by the bikablo akademie trainer team
  • Open and inhouse training around the world by certified bikablo global trainer teamsbikablo akademie - international 01