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Empower your colleagues to visualise without any artistic abilities in a systematic, easy to learn and cheerful approach. Our trainer team will happily meet you in your region and conduct our training program in English, Spanish, French, Dutch or Italian. 

Learning goals and agenda

The bikablo® akademie trainer team offers different training formats and agendas. We found out that people profit most from a two-day schedule.

Day one: We introduce participants into the basic rules and „ingredients“ of the bikablo® technique: basic shapes, different drawing materials (for example markers and chalks) and the use of colour. Then we proceed to graphic shapes („text containers“), the improvement of individual handwriting (if requested), symbols and figures in different postures and situations. We finish the day with an exercise about how to combine all these elements in an attractive way.

Day two: The second day starts with a creative methodology to turn abstract content into illustrations, then we exercise a large variety of flipchart designs and layouts to be used as visual templates for different facilitation settings (to display processes, agendas, structures etc.). We learn how to combine visualization with mobile elements like moderation cards, then every participant is challenged to choose his own subject to be transformed into one or several posters  – the „masterpiece“, as we call it, which meets the groups feedback afterwards.

In a one-day-training session we can give a bief overview on the possibilities of the technique, convey the basic visual vocabulary and basic design rules so participants are empowered to design simple flipcharts by themselfs.

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Agenda variations

Groups are very different from their abilities and interest, so our training agenda is never fixed and we can easily adjust to the groups needs. If you and your colleagues have a common methodology or work field, we will be very happy to match our content with your specific needs.

In your inhouse session we may focus on:

  • Learn how to use graphic recording to „map“ dialogue and presentations in realtime
  • Express yourself via visual storytelling and describe processes, tell sucess stories or develop customer journeys in a comic strip approach
  • Learn how to facilitate dialogue or coach with visual aid.
  • Practice sketchnoting for active learning in lectures and presentations
  • Try out process mapping on binboard and whiteboard for strategy,  technology and development
  • Discover „visual scrum“ for agile project management
  • Find out applications of visual thinking within your facilitation methodologies

Further information
For any questions and price information please contact our training program manager Gesa Schiffmann in our Cologne headquarters – mail to or dial +49 (0) 221 98 55 902 -0. We are very happy to advise you!

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