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Allow people access to those topics which are close to your heart in a whole new way. “Visual Storytelling” transforms even dry, complex subjects into lively picture stories. With the bikablo® emotions figures, large-format layout techniques and visual dramatic composition, you can convey your messages in a more emotional and lively way, thereby opening a door to education, discussion and change in a way that goes beyond the “death by PowerPoint” approach.

What is it about?

Drawing and storytelling are cultural techniques that date back centuries, designed to allow knowledge to be experienced and conveyed, as well as keep it alive. Nowadays, Visual Storytelling is being used increasingly widely in organisations in order to support processes by ensuring the change process is understood by all those involved. Examples include “design thinking”, the development of “customer journeys” and large-scale “strategic visualisations”.

This training offers a new means of presenting complex and abstract subjects. Each topic is transformed into an exciting picture story when you make its internal logic visible or explain it from the perspective of a lead character. Over the course of two days you will learn a wealth of new presentation possibilities and storytelling strategies.

“Visual Storytelling” is the ideal next step following a bikablo® basics training, in order to increase your skills set.

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What you can expect?

New drawing techniques for figures: Step by step, you will learn to express feelings and present situations using speech bubbles, pictograms and the bikablo® emotion figures. In addition you can expect new techniques for endowing figures with character and mannerisms.

“big pictures”: Using overlapping and stacked perspective drawing techniques, text and colour, you will create poster designs to present multifaceted knowledge clearly in a large-scale format.

Process comics: You will deal with the basic rules of comics and learn to present instructions, processes or individual steps as narrative picture sequences.

From content to design: Learn how to turn abstract data into dramatic visual stories in a step-by-step approach.

Narrative presentation: You will transform presentations into lively narratives, develop the dramatic composition and so create live drawings and actively involve your audience.

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This training is for you if, for example, …

  • You have already attended a bikablo® basics training (or a similar visualization training) and would like to further develop your skills as a visual facilitator.
  • You are looking for an accessible and lively means of presentation for topics that are close to your heart and core services and strategies.
  • You are facing the challenge, in your professional capacity as a lecturer, consultant or senior manager, of illustrating complex topics.

Dates & Registration 

The extended version:
3-day Visual Storytelling Training

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The shorter version:
2-day Visual Storytelling Training

(same spirit with a more compact agenda)

August 7–8 in London
with bikablo trainers Andrea Rawanschad and Ramona Wultschner
hosted by Actineo Consulting LLP

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A few words on copyright and usage

  • The bikablo® technique and our training concepts are protected by copyright. As a participant in one of our trainings you acquire the right to use the imagery, drawing techniques and visualization methods you have learnt for your own work.
  • Should you be interested in passing on the bikablo® technique to others or running training sessions based on the bikablo® training concept, please get in touch with us.